Resumé’s are ridiculous


  • Exaggeration
  • Half-Truths
  • Embellished
  • Misleading

“We all know resumes are a joke. They’re exaggerations. They’re filled with “action verbs” that don’t mean anything. They list job titles and responsibilities that are vaguely accurate at best.  And there’s no way to verify most of what’s on there.  The whole thing is a farce.”

From Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson of 37 Signals


2 thoughts on “Resumé’s are ridiculous

  1. In addition to the trust and verification issue, the core problem that I see with resumes is that that they do not meet the needs of today’s professionals. Professionals in this digital age have the need to present themselves in a variety of mediums. This may include videos, slideshows, blogs, websites etc. Forcing professionals to contort their varied portfolio in a two page resume is equivalent to using the latest-technology electric engine to pull a horse cart!

  2. I’ve only been in the position to help hire people a couple of times, but most resumes are cookie-cutter layouts with everyone saying the same sort of things: “I am extremely organized and a hard worker.” That’s probably my favourite and most often seen line.

    What else would you put on your resume – “I’m not very good at keeping it together, and I will slack off the second you’re not looking.” ?

    I think the worst part isn’t that people write resumes that are full of half-truths and exaggerated accomplishments, but rather that the people doing the hiring expect resumes to contain that sort of content.

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