Multiple Jobs Make a Career

When older workers look at an X-ers* resume they often conclude, “A job-hopper,” or “No loyalty there.” The work history may look fragmented to an older hiring manager but makes perfect sense to the X-er.  The outdated wisdom about resumes was that they should reflect longevity within a given organization.  For X-ers, the organization is a place to learn new skills and build experience, a springboard to a new opportunity there or elsewhere.  Many X-er’s resume reflect this reality, showing five or six jobs within the span of years.

From Love’em or Lose’em – Getting good people to stay by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans

*X-ers refers to Generation X as labeled in the novel (Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture) written by Vancouver author Douglas Copeland


One thought on “Multiple Jobs Make a Career

  1. I frequently have issues with this as a contractor. I’ll stay at a contract for 6+ months and move on – and recruiters get very antsy looking at my resume.

    I always get asked to cover up little gaps between contracts because “it doesn’t look good”.

    Plus, I confound them all because I redid my resume to focus on my skills rather than a chronological list of “I worked here, I did this…” My resume shows nothing but current skills I actually use.

    I really wish employers and recruiters would wake up the reality that is today’s job market. No one I know will be getting a gold watch for 25 years of service!

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