Begin with yourself

The universal question is, how do we empower others?  How do we get other people to take responsibility for their actions and our business?  The answer is, you don’t empower other people.  You don’t give other people their freedom. You don’t legislate self-esteem. You begin with yourself.  You cannot give others what you have not claimed for yourself.  Claim your autonomy, your vision; declare the organization you wish to create. Live that out at every moment. Then, and only then, make it easy for others to do the same.  If top management wants to create a vision or set of values for the organization, let them create it and live it out for themselves first – for two years or more.  Then let them worry about how to engage others in the vision. Stop enrolling, start embodying. Enrolment is soft-core colonialism.

From The Empowered Manager by Peter Block


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