Leaving the system

We all operate within systems of people [in which] very often people will distort themselves, absorbing great pressure or abandoning life-long principles just to accommodate a system, just to remain in it or keep it intact.  This holds true for family . . . as well as business systems.

Time and again, mature business people force themselves to stay in systems detrimental to their personal health . . . people trap themselves into staying in unhealthy systems out of fear (afraid to leave a job for fear they won’t find another), inadequate planning (by keeping up with the Jones’s they can’t afford to quit or spend time looking for another job), or useless ‘Parent’ data (quitting is for cowards, job loyalty supersedes personal goals, no one likes failure) . . . such people will usually have to choose between leaving the system or feeling bad within it.

From Success through Transactional Analysis by Jut Meininger (1973)


One thought on “Leaving the system

  1. Interesting. I wish that Meininger’s book had been recommended to us as a reading reference while at university. How did you find it?


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