Are you the next CTO for Professional You?

Professional You is look for a CTO and business partner is it you?

You are = Technology Strategist, Solution Architect, Developer and QA

Your Nature

Growing others

You like people and want to help them grow professionally


You constantly want to learn new methodologies, challenge your own and maybe invent new ones. You will keep up to date with and evaluate the latest technology and science


The world, the techniques, the languages we write will all change, you do not fear change and you need to change.


You love it but you know when to stop tinkering and get the job done


We have to stay ahead of the competition, but you also know how to and when to recharge

Details matter

Organized and detailed oriented; but knows how to balance perfection and business requirements.  Is able to quickly adjust to changes and accommodate rapid deployment of code.


Wants to build a platform that will shift the recruiting paradigm, this will not be easy or quick


Or has the potential to be one, charismatic, articulate, will potentially lead a large group of developers

Your Capabilities


Knows how to build and deploy scalable platforms in a SOA architecture.  Possesses foresight to build for the longer term.  Experienced in developing and working with SaaS applications.


Can and loves to code.  You will be the first developer.  The current platform is built in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, MySQL.  But you are the lead creator so we can consider options.


Strong knowledge and understanding of object oriented programming, Agile development methodologies and belief in Lean Start-up principals.


Ability to evaluate current and emerging technologies to further architect and develop the Professional You solution

If you are interested contact Eric Brooke


One thought on “Are you the next CTO for Professional You?

  1. Hi Eric

    Good to hear from you. I’m realy interested in the recruitment process and concur with many of the points above. Over the last year I’ve been part of a group “The 20:20 Leadership Commission” set up by NCVO to look at the leadership needs of the voluntary and community sector.

    Best wishes


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