The 99 second pitch


Employers often hire for aptitude and fire for attitude

One of the top reasons a professional will leave a job is their direct manager

Clearly fit and capability are important

But it does not matter how good you are if you don’t get on with boss your options are limited

Resumes are as old as the printing press yet we still use them as our core data set for recruitment and talent management

During our journey we interviewed hundreds of CEOs and HR leaders, they confirmed their DIS-satisfaction with the resume

They told us they want a better way to understand what Professionals are ACTUALLY capable of and verify it.

And from professionals we learnt that they want better ways to be acknowledged and show off the work that they have done


We will replace the resume with a highly visual career portfolio, which will be supported by personality matching software.

This, we believe will change the way we find a future boss or an employee.

Professional You is an online career management platform, which will go deeper than just job titles.

Whilst our matching techniques will start with a person-to-person match, we will extend it to teams and than to organisations.

Businesses will also be able to use the software to enhance external recruitment AND talent management by revealing hidden capabilities and constructing better teams.


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