Looking for a Co founder – Design & UX

We are looking for an amazing artist and designer.  They have to love 4D (3d plus real-time) and people.

Artist – you love to draw in fact you wonder why a pencil or pen was not built in at birth.

Designer – How people interact with your design is important.  If it is not natural for the user, you will work to find another way.

Architect – We are looking for someone who can build whole worlds in their head.

4D – You love working in 3 dimensional spaces but not as much as in 4D.

UX – In the end your success will be judged by the user.

People – You love people and their differences, you want to understand them and their behaviours.  You want to help people out grow you and your leadership.

Connection – You will have to be able to develop a strong connection with Professional You’s founders Eric and Melissa.  We will have love spending time with each other and be able to agree and disagree with each other.

Values – You agree with Professional Yous’ values and you will be able to help us grow and embody them.

Nature – You are curious, flexible, energetic, care about the details, want to grow others, like to collaborate, tenacious and like to have fun.

The right person will become a co-founder along with Eric and Melissa and we will share our success and failures with them.

If you are this person contact us, if you have a friend who is this person tell us about them.  We are like elephants we do not forget who help us 🙂


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