Eric Brooke – Founder


The founder, Eric Brooke, has worked in private, nonprofit and government sectors with responsibility for budgets upto to £71 million and 400 staff.   He is known for seeing around corners, creating innovative environments, developing strategy and telling a good story.  It was during his time on a leadership team, which merged 7 organizations including 22,000 staff, with £1.15 billion turnover that led him down the path to create Professional You.  Since 2008 he has being interviewing leaders, industrial psychologists, human resource specialists and learning their pains.  Through this knowledge he has being developing an ecology of  product and services that will seriously disrupt and drastically improve the way we all manage our professional lives.

Why are you working for Professional You?

“Is the current 2/3 page resume the best we can come up with as a human race? Are we so limited that we need to pigeon hole a professional into job titles that do not even scratch the surface of a professionals’ capabilities?  How many people trust any written resume either in paper or online?  Yet the vast majority of current systems limit their scope to replicate the same old crap online.

We will NOT cure this by a little evolution, we need a revolution led by the professionals of tomorrow and today, we aim to incite a riot, to challenge convention and in partnership create something really new”

Shaji Zaidi – Adviser (Operations)


Shaji’s career focus has being in the creating and development of technology and ensuring effective global operations.  As an engineer Shaji has strong analytical skills with his primary purpose being to find solutions that balance the needs of the client and the organization.  Having worked for Ericsson, Sophos, Active State, InComm and DataWave he has built out his strong engineer foundation to be a veteran of technology development and operations.

Why are you working with Professional You?

“I want to create a world where individuals can promote themselves through their work and accomplishments and not just through backdoor-networking.  We need to emerge out of the gatekeeper recruiting mind-set and provide a more transparent environment for organizations and individuals to connect with each other.

Current HR recruiting systems are form based and disjointed from the rest of the organization.  We believe that the future of recruiting, talent development and professional growth will rely on social collaboration, promotion and validation.”

Marc Maltz – Adviser (Psychology)


Marc as held executive positions at AT&T, Westinghouse Electric Company, NYNEX Corporation, and Music Mining Company, Inc., and is past Co-director and a faculty member at the William Alanson White Institute’s Organization Program. Marc has taught at Columbia University, New York University and a number of other educational institutions on the psychodynamics of organizations, executive coaching, consulting to organizations and leadership. He is recognized as a leading voice in the identification and management of resistance to change in organizations and on developing resilient organizations.

Why are you working with Professional You?

“Professional You has the opportunity to redefine how and what we think about when looking at a ‘career’.  This provides individuals with a way to better define themselves, their skills and their experience in an ever more complicated job market, and it provides any organization a better means of finding resources to fit their culture as well as their need.  Better aligning resources to roles will ultimately create a more resilient organization.”


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